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Young-Hui Chang

Georgia Tech School of Biological Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology

Office Location:
 555 14th Street
404 894-9993

Research Interests:
I'm interested in 'learning how we get from here to there.' I direct research in the Georgia Tech Comparative Neuromechanics Lab where we study the biomechanics and motor control of legged locomotion in humans and other animals. My aim is to understand fundamental compensatory principles by which we are able to maintain stable locomotion in the face of minor or major impediments. These can include mundane situations like having a pebble in your shoe, or wearing high heels; and, it can include serious debilitation caused by lower limb amputation, hemiparetic stroke or spinal cord injury. In particular, I use a comparative approach to discern broad principles that apply across many different species. Over the span of my career I have had varied levels of experience studying humans, chimpanzees, white-handed gibbons, vampire bats, elephants, penguins, rats, cats, hamsters, dogs, horses, African hero shrews, and flamingos. I am currently applying this knowledge to better understand gait pathologies related to lower limb amputation and working to develop custom prosthetic and orthotic devices for both basic research (bench) and clinical translation (bedside). I also have experience providing human performance and biomechanics consulting services for private industry and competitive athletics using evidence-based practices to improve human motor control performance.
Research Areas: